Unique label shapes can help make your product more distinctive

As the UK’s independent experts in labels and labelling we understand how important a label is to any product. Labels are a very unique selling point as customers can actually pick up products and interact with them. Unique label shapes can help make your product more distinctive as the product itself is an individual in the market place, so why not differentiate from your competitors with some carefully designed labels. A wonderfully crafted label can create a psychological impact on potential customers, and leave a lasting impression. At Etiquette we can cater for all your labelling needs flexographic or digital we are here to help you. Don’t settle for less when choosing your label manufacturer, choose the UK experts.

Q & A with Etiquette



Jamie Witcher is a part of the marketing department here at Etiquette Labels and only recently joined the company in February. Jamie had previously studied Digital Media in University and worked in Quality Control and sales before joining Etiquette.


What attracted you to the labelling industry?


Printed labels are everywhere when you look. They are very unique as they are a tactile selling point. Customers can actually pick up the products the labels are adhered to. A product can be sold on the quality of the label alone. With the print industry growing as a whole with advancing technology it really is an exciting time to be a part of it.


Why did you choose to work for Etiquette?


I chose Etiquette because of the people that are here. It was a great opportunity to learn and grow professionally and personally. There is a great working atmosphere where everybody gets along we are like one big family. The people here are very knowledgeable about their profession and are always willing to help guide you in the right direction.


What separates Etiquette from other label manufacturers?


It’s the people that work here; everybody here is an expert in what they do. We have experts in every sector of the labelling industry and they all have a vast amount of experience and are able to call on this to produce the high quality solutions for customer needs. Everybody here puts great attention to detail into their work and I personally take great pride in the fact that everybody cares about the role they play in making customers products come to life. Everybody here shares the same journey as the customer.


What is the most pleasing aspect of your role in Etiquette?


Being able to reach out to our customers via our social network and interact with them. This enables me to build greater relationships with the people behind the business. Equally it is very pleasing to see people’s reaction when they see their labels or machines for the first time, as you get see how much people care about their business and products, as they come to life.


What is the most inspiring label design you have seen?


This would have to be Pepsi’s augmented reality. The technology used and the end result blew my mind and really inspired me creatively. Pepsi really upped the game to a whole other level by using the free app, this enabled customers to unlock exclusive Pepsi video content including behind-the-scenes footage and an interactive augmented reality football game directly from the pack. I thought this was really unique and really pushed the boundaries of what label printing could do. I think labels like this will become an essential aspect of the printing industry in the future.

Another personal favourite of mine is one that was printed here at Etiquette. The Monty’s brewery Labels really stand out in my eyes. The label has subtle touches of class with the cold foil print which highlights key details of the label which also includes photography that takes it to another level. Most importantly it looks great on the product and the variety between flavours which is easy to distinguish by the different colours used on the label.


How has the printing industry changed since you have started working in the industry?


I haven’t been in the industry for very long, but I have seen how digital print is advancing and is creating healthy competition within the market. This is only good for the industry as healthy competition makes everybody better at what they do. I also believe that social media will have an increasing role in how customers portray businesses.


What are your ambitions for the future regarding the business?


To continue the expansion of Etiquette’s social media sites and attract new business to the company through these channels. We have also redesigned some our websites for a more interactive and friendly user experience. I will look to continue customer experience when people visit our sites.




Label applicators and machines from the UK experts


At Etiquette we take great pride in our ability to deliver high quality labels at the very highest of standards, ensuring that your product always stands out from the crowd. We also have specialists that can help you to apply those labels with labelling machines. Whatever the size of your business and whatever your budget we can provide the ideal solution for your application requirements with a range of Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual label applicators available at the best prices in the industry.

Here at Etiquette we have helped equip many of the UK and Europe’s largest companies with fully customizable label applicators and labelling systems for their production lines. If you have any queries or questions then you can contact our sales team on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk or alternatively you can visit www.labelling-machine.com

Using the highest quality substrates allows Etiquette to ensure a quick turnaround

At Etiquette we use the highest quality materials to print your labels and deliver them to you on time. As the UK experts in labels and labelling our highly trained staff understand how to work with the most advanced substrates. One of the many advanced tools at our disposal is UV inks. But what are UV inks and how do they work?

There are no toxins in UV inks, unlike solvent based inks. UV inks don’t contain any toxins and no solvents are used in the print process UV inks can be applied successfully to rigid or flexible substrate materials.

UV inks are cured with a high-intensity UV light from either UV lamps or LEDs. The UV radiation acts as a catalyst and initiates a reaction, instantly turning the liquid ink into a dry and durable coating. This curing process is a vital part of the printing technique, and contributes greatly to the overall print quality of the end product. If insufficient UV radiation is used, the bonds created by the curing process are weak and ink adhesion poor. If the opposite occurs and the ink is over-cured it becomes brittle and shrinks.

The UV drying systems we use here at Etiquette are the GEW E2C – The most powerful low energy UV curing system currently available on the market. Using these systems ultimately ensures a quicker turnaround in production and minimises downtime on our presses. Additionally our GEW systems provide an energy usage saving of 42% which ensures Etiquette’s carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

UV inks are fast curing which allows us to print more labels at a quicker rate to deliver them on time. UV inks are also more environmentally friendly than other inks, as 100% of the ink is used which means there is no waste in the printing process. This is just one of the many reasons companies look to Etiquette to produce premium labels at the most cost effective prices.

Different label designs for your inspiration

Crafting the perfect label is a detail-rich task, as this can elevate the brand and establish the product as something enthusiasts really want to purchase. Below are two examples of different label designs for inspiration.

These labels for Jasats Halal pies  who produce  range of halal food products, ranging from  pasties, sausage rolls and samosas,  these labels were printed with a special gold ink and an over printable varnish that allows Jasat’s to print their own information on the label. Using the special gold ink sets off the label design and adds a real touch of class to the packaging of the product and emphasises the premium quality of the Jasat’s range.

Where here is a label printed for Raw Press which is a cold-pressed juice bar and café specialising in organic produce. This label is more about the minimalistic look, printed using a synthetic material for that no label look. The design of this label really adds a modern touch to the products packaging whilst maintaining brand visibility.


New Labels for S:craft

Printed today on the Etiquette presses are these labels for S:craft. S:craft have become synonymous with the highest quality made-to-measure plantation shutters & blinds available in the UK. S:craft offer Bespoke wooden shutters are manufactured from some of the finest quality materials, crafted to the highest standards and designed to offer our customers the ultimate in style, choice and quality. These minimalistic labels were printed using the latest in UV technology on transparent material for that no label look. For any label requirements that you may have contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk

Technological Advances in the Print Industry

One of the many driving forces behind labels and printed packaging is to market products and grow sales using creative design and innovative ideas for maximum shelf-appeal. With new technologies such as personalization, serialization and QR codes driving business’ forward are you making the most of these assets? These new technologies coupled with social media provide a new platform for customers to interact with companies and vice versa. Potential consumers demand for a greater personal connection to products has evolved and opened the door for labels and packaging to speak directly to the consumer, using these new tools such as QR codes as a means of communication. Etiquette has been at the forefront of the labelling industry for over twenty years and can help provide you with the right solutions for your products in these advancing technological markets.

Jamie Witcher of the marketing department: – “Etiquette has embraced new technologies and social media platforms. We are very active across a wide range of social media as it helps us interact with customers and showcase our work, as well as keeping up to date with the fast moving environment of the print industry.

Sample Packs form the UK Experts

At Etiquette we deal with a wide range label enquires and know that finding the right label for the job can be quite tricky, which is why we provide sample packs to our customers at no extra charge.  So you can try out a particular label or test a range of labels to make sure we can provide the right solution to your labelling needs.

You can request a sample pack by visiting the Contact Page and filling out the following information:


Contact Name


So we know who we’re sending the sample packs to.


Telephone Number (Including Area Code)


Provide a contact phone number will enable us to contact you.


Email Address


We will confirm receipt of your sample request by email, so please provide your email address here.


Additional Information


If there’s anything else that the fields above don’t cover, you can give us any extra information you think we may need to know here. This can include on how you are going to adhere the labels to the products. In addition you can also ask for advice from our helpful experts.

You can also contact us via one of our many social media outlets and provide the relevant information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

New Food Labelling Legislation

As the UK’s independent labelling experts, Etiquette are fully aware of the changes in the food labelling industry that will be in place by the end of 2014. A new legislation (the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011)  will bring changes to existing legislation on labelling allergenic ingredients in pre-packed foods. Allergies are a growing concern in the UK. They are life changing and in serious cases can be fatal or lead to long-term health conditions. These new packaging legislations will address this topic in addition to how ingredients will be displayed upon the label itself. This will be in effect as of December this year. For more information on this subject you can follow the link provided www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2014/1855/contents/made

How will the new allergy legislation affect you and your company? Let us know by replying in the comment box below.

New labels for Kilco International Ltd

Printed on the Etiquette presses today were new labels for Kilco International Ltd. and their Emprasan cleaning based products. Kilco are at the forefront of increasing the standards of food production all over the world  with their innovative cleaning solutions for the food and dairy industry.These labels were printed with an over printable varnish that allows Kilco to print variable information on the label. This modern looking label was printed with the latest in UV Ink technology. For any labelling requirements that you may have contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk

Security Labels from the UK Experts

At Etiquette we pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our work. These traits help us play a pivotal role in security and tamper evident labelling. Security labels have an increasingly important role in a security conscious market, including electrical goods and the food and beverage industry. As the UK’s independent experts in labels and labelling we have an experienced team who are committed to developing and supplying a range of security labels but who also understand the challenges to choose the most suitable and cost effective tamper evident labelling solutions. We have helped some of the UK and Europe’s biggest brands make their products more secure. If you would like to know more on how the UK experts in labels and labelling can help you with any of your labelling queries you can contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk


Our Commitment to You

Etiquette has over 20 years’ experience in the labelling industry and has manufactured labels for a multitude of purposes. Our vast knowledge of labels combined with our uncompromising commitment to customers that we will always deliver the best quality and most cost effective solutions to their labelling requirements, is one of the many reasons why leading brands choose Etiquette as their label supplier.

The consistent quality of our work over the past 20 years has seen Etiquette become the UK’s independent experts in labels and labelling. It is these values that define the character and culture for the foundations of our company. Some companies merely talk about values but at Etiquette we live by ours. Etiquette’s market leading service shows we are committed to exceeding customer expectations and building lasting relationships as a first choice supplier whatever your labelling needs.

Food and Beverage Labelling

The Food and Beverage industry is highly demanding and the biggest end user of self adhesive labels. An attractive and informative label will place you one step ahead of your competitors and help to promote your brand. At Etiquette we have extensive experience in supplying labels into the food industry. We can recommend the most cost effective and most economically viable solution for a variety of applications. Our vast knowledge and experience in the labelling industry means that Etiquette holds accreditation at the highest level of BRC/IOP – the global standard for packaging and packaging materials. This is one of the many reasons why some of the largest companies across the UK and Europe choose Etiquette as their label manufacturer.  If you would like to know more on how the UK experts in labels and labelling can help you with any of your labelling queries you can contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk


Digital Labels from the UK experts

Here at Etiquette we are passionate about all things labels, and are always looking to how we can help you get the best possible labels for your product. We are trusted by some of the UK and Europe’s biggest companies to produce quality labels time and time again because we understand their labelling requirements and have done so for over twenty years. Etiquette is truly a market leader when it comes to quality, price and lead time on plain, printed and digital labels. If you need small quantities of labels then Digital label printing will allow you to maximise the opportunities presented within the ever changing market place, and provides the perfect solution for producing short-runs of multiple label types. Etiquette can offer very quick response times for digitally printed labels due to the minimal set-up that is required as the process does not use printing plates. Consecutive numbering and variable data – including barcodes – can be incorporated into the print, allowing personalisation or product traceability and security. All without any detriment to print quality. When a lower quantity of labels is needed for your limited edition or for special offers on your products, digital printing is the most cost effective solution for you. Why settle for less than the best?

Pictured above are the latest digitally printed labels to come off the presses here at Etiquette. Manufactured for Granny Tigg’s a family owned company located  in the heart of rural Herefordshire, these labels are a great example of the capabilities of modern digital print technology and are bound to give great on-shelf appeal to this original product. With it’s tag line “12,000 miles of flavour”, this table dressing was created in New Zealand back in 1948  by Anne Webb who then set sail for the English coast. The legacy of this great tasting dressing is continued today by her descendants Sam and Jacob James.

Granny Tigg’s Olive Oil and Cider Vinegar base fuels this unique explosion of flavour. It is not just limited to salads, but enriches a variety of foods from steaks to fish to sandwiches. To enrich your products and add real on-shelf appeal contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk

Cosmetic Labelling

The market for cosmetic labelling is very competitive as the overall appearance of the product is vital. To ensure your product stands out from the crowd in this highly competitive market a quality look and feel to the label will place it in good stead against any competitors. The clarity of information on the label is essential, as every cosmetic product has to include certain information that will help make sure the customer buys what they are looking for. This information has to explain how the product should be used to get the best results, and how to use it safely. At Etiquette our expertise means we understand the competitive and complex nature of this industry and can help you reach out to your potential audience whilst adhering to regulation standards. For any cosmetic labelling requirements that you may have contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk

Clear Labels

Clear Labels are the perfect way to display information and show off your product. Clear or see-through labels can be applied to many different types of products, like bath and body items. Instead of printing directly onto product boxes, printing clear labels is often a more effective way to achieve the same look. For items in certain kinds of containers, it is probably the only way to achieve a label-free appearance. Clear labels can really add an extra dimension to the look of your products, adding real shelf appeal to catch the customers eye. For any label requirements that you may have contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk

What makes a label?

 We all know what a label is, but do you know how a label is made up? It may be more complex than you think. There are four main (layers) components which make up a self-adhesive label. The top layer is comprised of the label material itself this is normally a paper or synthetic material. On the underside is a adhesive which adheres to the packaging the label is to be applied. The bottom layer is the backing material which carries the label through the print process before being applied to the product, a release coating is added to the backing material to aid with the removal of the label in preparation for the application process.

Beverage Labelling

Beverage labelling can be demanding because of storage and transit conditions. Whether it’s a label falling off of the bottle due to humidity or exposure to water in coolers, labels falling or even peeling off this can give customers a bad impression of the brand producing the beverage. If you want to preserve the integrity of your labels and ensure they don’t fall off when they come into contact with water, you will need to think a the type of labels you wish to use and how the product is going to be stored.

Things you should take into consideration are:

  • white wines, champagne and beer bottles must  be able to endure refrigeration
  • long-term storage may be necessary in a cold climate
  • strong adhesives are required as to withstand temperature and humidity changes
  • recyclable bottles require a special adhesive that can be washed-off during the recycling process
  • bottles that have been treated with a scratch-resistant surface treatment need special consideration

Label Material

Etiquette has a wide range of specialist material for you to choose from when deciding on what type of product you want to label. The range of materials is impressive from paper material to the more modern ‘no label’ look of synthetic materials such as polypropylene. A specially designed product label can help the company promote its brand. Labels promoting limited-time offers may also prompt more repeat purchases over a specific time frame regardless, of whether companies need clear labels, detailed labels or anything in between, Etiquette offers a broad array of different label printing options that enables everyone to get a  professional looking label with a cost effective solution.

Etiquette the UK experts in Labels and Labelling


Maybe you need a bespoke label to fit your company branding or to fit within the space constraints of your product packaging. Whatever your labelling needs Etiquette are here to help you with all the experience we gained over the past 20 years in the labelling industry.

At Etiquette, we work closely with our customers to fully understand their labelling needs and requirements. This means we understand that no two labels are the same and always put ourselves in our customer’s shoes, if we wouldn’t be happy with the quality of the labels we produce, then it wouldn’t be acceptable for our customers. We give every project the attention it deserves and we like to think it’s one of the reasons why our customers come back to Etiquette time and time again.  For any label requirements that you may have contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk

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