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Jamie Witcher is a part of the marketing department here at Etiquette Labels and only recently joined the company in February. Jamie had previously studied Digital Media in University and worked in Quality Control and sales before joining Etiquette.


What attracted you to the labelling industry?


Printed labels are everywhere when you look. They are very unique as they are a tactile selling point. Customers can actually pick up the products the labels are adhered to. A product can be sold on the quality of the label alone. With the print industry growing as a whole with advancing technology it really is an exciting time to be a part of it.


Why did you choose to work for Etiquette?


I chose Etiquette because of the people that are here. It was a great opportunity to learn and grow professionally and personally. There is a great working atmosphere where everybody gets along we are like one big family. The people here are very knowledgeable about their profession and are always willing to help guide you in the right direction.


What separates Etiquette from other label manufacturers?


It’s the people that work here; everybody here is an expert in what they do. We have experts in every sector of the labelling industry and they all have a vast amount of experience and are able to call on this to produce the high quality solutions for customer needs. Everybody here puts great attention to detail into their work and I personally take great pride in the fact that everybody cares about the role they play in making customers products come to life. Everybody here shares the same journey as the customer.


What is the most pleasing aspect of your role in Etiquette?


Being able to reach out to our customers via our social network and interact with them. This enables me to build greater relationships with the people behind the business. Equally it is very pleasing to see people’s reaction when they see their labels or machines for the first time, as you get see how much people care about their business and products, as they come to life.


What is the most inspiring label design you have seen?


This would have to be Pepsi’s augmented reality. The technology used and the end result blew my mind and really inspired me creatively. Pepsi really upped the game to a whole other level by using the free app, this enabled customers to unlock exclusive Pepsi video content including behind-the-scenes footage and an interactive augmented reality football game directly from the pack. I thought this was really unique and really pushed the boundaries of what label printing could do. I think labels like this will become an essential aspect of the printing industry in the future.

Another personal favourite of mine is one that was printed here at Etiquette. The Monty’s brewery Labels really stand out in my eyes. The label has subtle touches of class with the cold foil print which highlights key details of the label which also includes photography that takes it to another level. Most importantly it looks great on the product and the variety between flavours which is easy to distinguish by the different colours used on the label.


How has the printing industry changed since you have started working in the industry?


I haven’t been in the industry for very long, but I have seen how digital print is advancing and is creating healthy competition within the market. This is only good for the industry as healthy competition makes everybody better at what they do. I also believe that social media will have an increasing role in how customers portray businesses.


What are your ambitions for the future regarding the business?


To continue the expansion of Etiquette’s social media sites and attract new business to the company through these channels. We have also redesigned some our websites for a more interactive and friendly user experience. I will look to continue customer experience when people visit our sites.




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