Using the highest quality substrates allows Etiquette to ensure a quick turnaround

At Etiquette we use the highest quality materials to print your labels and deliver them to you on time. As the UK experts in labels and labelling our highly trained staff understand how to work with the most advanced substrates. One of the many advanced tools at our disposal is UV inks. But what are UV inks and how do they work?

There are no toxins in UV inks, unlike solvent based inks. UV inks don’t contain any toxins and no solvents are used in the print process UV inks can be applied successfully to rigid or flexible substrate materials.

UV inks are cured with a high-intensity UV light from either UV lamps or LEDs. The UV radiation acts as a catalyst and initiates a reaction, instantly turning the liquid ink into a dry and durable coating. This curing process is a vital part of the printing technique, and contributes greatly to the overall print quality of the end product. If insufficient UV radiation is used, the bonds created by the curing process are weak and ink adhesion poor. If the opposite occurs and the ink is over-cured it becomes brittle and shrinks.

The UV drying systems we use here at Etiquette are the GEW E2C – The most powerful low energy UV curing system currently available on the market. Using these systems ultimately ensures a quicker turnaround in production and minimises downtime on our presses. Additionally our GEW systems provide an energy usage saving of 42% which ensures Etiquette’s carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

UV inks are fast curing which allows us to print more labels at a quicker rate to deliver them on time. UV inks are also more environmentally friendly than other inks, as 100% of the ink is used which means there is no waste in the printing process. This is just one of the many reasons companies look to Etiquette to produce premium labels at the most cost effective prices.

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