Beverage Labelling

Beverage labelling can be demanding because of storage and transit conditions. Whether it’s a label falling off of the bottle due to humidity or exposure to water in coolers, labels falling or even peeling off this can give customers a bad impression of the brand producing the beverage. If you want to preserve the integrity of your labels and ensure they don’t fall off when they come into contact with water, you will need to think a the type of labels you wish to use and how the product is going to be stored.

Things you should take into consideration are:

  • white wines, champagne and beer bottles must  be able to endure refrigeration
  • long-term storage may be necessary in a cold climate
  • strong adhesives are required as to withstand temperature and humidity changes
  • recyclable bottles require a special adhesive that can be washed-off during the recycling process
  • bottles that have been treated with a scratch-resistant surface treatment need special consideration
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