Technological Advances in the Print Industry

One of the many driving forces behind labels and printed packaging is to market products and grow sales using creative design and innovative ideas for maximum shelf-appeal. With new technologies such as personalization, serialization and QR codes driving business’ forward are you making the most of these assets? These new technologies coupled with social media provide a new platform for customers to interact with companies and vice versa. Potential consumers demand for a greater personal connection to products has evolved and opened the door for labels and packaging to speak directly to the consumer, using these new tools such as QR codes as a means of communication. Etiquette has been at the forefront of the labelling industry for over twenty years and can help provide you with the right solutions for your products in these advancing technological markets.

Jamie Witcher of the marketing department: – “Etiquette has embraced new technologies and social media platforms. We are very active across a wide range of social media as it helps us interact with customers and showcase our work, as well as keeping up to date with the fast moving environment of the print industry.

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