Made in Britain

If your products are manufactured  here in Great Britain, you should consider featuring a made in Britain label that can improve your brand image and expand awareness of your items. Industry-conscious customers look at food products and items to see if they are home grown or locally produced. Consumers will value the home grown touch, and will look to support locally sourced goods and can be quite passionate about home grown products and British produce. Labelling products this way may give consumers a new outlook on your product, as many manufacturer’s produce goods abroad. However with costs beginning to increase in the far east and other manufacturing parts of the world many companies are once again choosing to produce goods in the UK. This is leading patriotic consumers to seek out products made in the British Isles to support our home grown industries and make Britain Great again!  For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Metallic inks and foils on labels.

When deciding to use metallic ink or foils for your label, use them creatively. Metallic inks and foil materials can be expensive, but the additional cost of using them can be very much worth your while. On top of sending a message, metallic inks and foils are simply attractive and often more interesting to look at than the average packaging material. They can be eye-catching, but they can also create unique labelling that brings greater attention to your brand’s innovative perspective. Metallic inks and foils can be used for limited editions of your product, if you normally use regular inks or standard substrates. For instance using silver or gold inks and foils on labels can make the items appear more luxurious and valuable than other respective brands. Gold and silver are expensive materials and adding a metallic sheen can portray value, quality and sophistication.

Designing your own jar labels

Whether you’re a factory that has been making and selling preserves for years or you’re just trying your hand at a new potential hobby, custom jar labels are a great way to flaunt your creations. With summer only a few months away its not too early to start thinking about how you’re going to brand your jars. Summer is a popular time for preserve makers, as tons of berries and fruits are in season and ready to be turned into delicious toast and dessert toppers. Custom labels can boast the magnificent flavours your jarred products contain. Other food products like pickles also deserve to be embellished with attractive and informative packaging. While custom jar labels are a great solution for businesses aimed at reaching new consumers, they’re also a fun way to add a little personality to events or to personalize your homemade preserves. For more information visit , alternatively you can phone 0845 222 0354 or you can email the us at:

Insprireing Consumer Confidence

When labelling bottles being as transparent as possible will help you gain customer loyalty. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of what components go into the products they are purchasing. If you’re looking for label design ideas, consider indicating what ingredients are for and making this section prominent. The most attention-grabbing aspect of the bottle should be the brand name, followed by the purpose of the product. Is it an aftershave, body or hand lotion? Is it an alcoholic beverage or a soft drink? The ingredients should take up most of the space on the bottle that’s not devoted to branding information.

Listing ingredients in large text helps to communicate that you do not wish to hide anything from consumers. Putting this information in small print can make companies appear deceitful and maybe even untrustworthy. If natural ingredients are a main selling point for your brand, feel free to spotlight this information. If an ingredient looks questionable – for instance, if it is long and hard to pronounce, it may be a good idea to explain what it is. Phenoxyethanol is an off-putting word, but this ingredient is used as a preservative to prevent the growth of yeast, bacteria and mold. Being open and honest about what ingredients are included in your product can give consumers massive confidence in what they are buying. Another way of inspiring consumer confidence can be by using tamper evident labels. Tamper evident materials are used to provide an indication that the label or seal has been removed or tampered with. Etiquette offer a wide range of tamper evident labels that are based around the product for the client. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Labelview 2014 Available Now

Etiquette Labels are the sole UK distributor of Labelview and are pleased to announce that Labelview 2014 is now available. Labelview 2014 offers an Enhanced Print Dialog Functionality so the print window stays open after the print job is complete, saving valuable time by enabling users to create subsequent print jobs without reopening the window, in addition to allowing the user to make minor adjustments more easily. Labelview 2014 now also responds to network instability by proactively lengthening run time instead of disconnecting. This can prevent downtime and lead to increased productivity. Another new feature in Labelview 2014 is the availability of a Gold Network version of the software, reducing errors and effectively streamlining operations within the software. To learn more about Labelview 2014 you can download the demo here or visit Labelview 2014 website and follow the onscreen instructions. For more details contact the sales team on 0845 222 0354 or you can email them at:

Thinking of rebranding?

At Etiquette we understand that one of the most crucial aspects of branding is product appearance, and learning how to make labels that flaunt your goods and resonate with consumers is a key factor in how your product is displayed and portrayed. It really doesn’t matter what you sell, a unique, attractive and informative label can lead shoppers to scope out your products and keep existing customers interested in the product that you offer. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your brand or maybe just give it an upgrade, there a few things to keep in mind when thinking of redesigning your product labels. After all the idea of rebranding is to attract new customers whilst maintaining the current clientele. By doing the right research on consumer preferences as well as label-making options, you can create a label that commands the  consumers attention. With etiquette’s help you can choose the right label you need for your business. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Etiquette’s NEW GEW E2C System has arrived!

At Etiquette we have always prided ourselves on our quality of service. As previously stated in November we were awaiting arrival of a new GEW E2C System. Etiquette are pleased to announce that it has arrived. The E2C system is capable of saving  up to 50% in energy helping Etiquette lower its carbon footprint. With the highest UV output of any low-energy UV system, there is sufficient energy to cure at the highest possible production speeds, without any compromise to the finished product. With quicker turnaround times, lower maintenance times and lower downtime the GEW E2C System is another weapon in the already impressive arsenal Etiquette has to offer, once again proving that we are the UK’s label and labelling experts. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at: is part of the Etiquette Network, and as the UK’s experts in labels and labelling, We have a vast amount of understanding about the labelling process. Etiquette have overseen many projects which includes the installation of labelling machines and label applicators into a wide variety of working environments. We are able to supply and maintain everything from print and apply labeller installations in high-speed food production facilities to automatic application system installations in industrial fabrication industries. Etiquette offer wide range of labelling solutions designed around your needs – from Self Adhesive Labels,  label design software and Label printers to Label Applicators. For more details on how we can help you with your labelling requierments contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Creating Eye-Catching Custom Labels

Here at Etiquette we understand the importance of labels that stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking to rebrand a product, or looking to kick-off your business and aiming to raise awareness about your product custom labels can help you spread the word and achieve your goals. When you’re looking to get the word out about a product,or service it’s crucial to think about how you’re presenting your message. Creating custom labels can ensure you get the attention you need, make a mark that resonates in consumers’ memories, making the product instantly identifiable. Labels play a very important role in branding campaigns and getting the right message across.

Businesses seeking to promote new goods know that product labels are key to catching the attention of shoppers, in addition to providing information pertaining to the products ingredients and manufacturing, products labels can also speak about the personality of your brand and the quality of your product, which can ultimately place you ahead of the competition. Etiquette have over 20 years experience in the labelling industry and are known as the UK experts in labels and labelling.  For more details on how we can help you with your labelling requierments contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Clear Labels can Create Consumer Confidence

Being the UK experts in labels and labelling Etiquette can produce a wide variety of labels including clear labels. Clear labels are very unique as they can ensure shoppers know what they’re getting by being able to see the product in question. Clear labels allow companies to display their branding information unobtrusively as possible, giving consumers a bigger view of the item they’re buying. Sometimes the best-selling point for an item is the appearance of the product itself, for example if food items look great, there’s no reason to cover them up. For other products, shoppers want to make sure they are really getting what they pay for and with there being so much competition from other brands, clear labels can really help give your product real shelf appeal.

Sometimes packaging prevents consumers from examining the product, and this can be a deterrent. Clear Labels allow brands to make a product their own without the label getting in the way of the overall look and separating the product from the rest of the competition. Using clear labels can create unique effects that wouldn’t be possible with a more traditional paper or synthetic label. You can use a clear label on the front of a transparent bottle, on the back or wrap around the entire product. This allows shoppers to see the back of the label on the other side of the container. Then, you can use this space for some interesting artwork. Sometimes layering a clear label over other materials can create a really interesting look. For gift-ready packaging, brands can wrap an item in attractively coloured paper and finish it off with a clear branded label. Once again, clear labels can also provide vital information without getting in the way of an item that is vibrantly coloured or attractive in its own right. A clear label is able to display brand information while creating a sleek no-label appearance that is perfect for making items look great, and really stand apart from the competition. Etiquette have over twenty years of labelling experience and can offer expert advice on how to really help your product stand out from the crowd for more details on clear labels or any other labels you can contact Etiquette on  0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Barcode Solutions from Etiquette

As the UK’s Leading experts in labels and labelling, Etiquette understands that technology is key to the success for your business. That is why Etiquette have a range of barcode printers to help you conduct business in today’s market. Barcodes are used throughout the world to keep track of stock levels, parcel tracking and even inward and outbound goods. Etiquette’s complete barcode printing solution includes a barcode printer, barcode software and label stock. This complete package from etiquette allows you to stay ahead of your competitors by printing the barcode labels that you require. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at: is part of the Etiquette network. The ribbon factory offers a massive range of thermal transfer ribbon in a wide variety of colour and sizes, for all the leading printer brands. Printing with thermal transfer ribbon is a more cost-effective and efficient way of printing for your business. Boasting the most competitive prices in the industry is a one-stop solution provider for all types of thermal transfer printing ribbons. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Etiquette holds accreditation at the highest level of BRC/IOP

Etiquette holds  BRC/IOP accreditation at the highest level. But what is exactly is this and what does it mean?

Well the BRC Packaging Standard can be used by any manufacturer producing packaging materials for all types of products – from food to consumer products. BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 20,000 certificated suppliers in over 90 different countries, with the certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited Certification Bodies. The Standards guarantee quality, safety and operational criteria. That ensures manufactures fulfill their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. BRC Global Standards are now often a fundamental requirement for any leading retailer or manufacturers.

With highest accreditation Etiquette are able to apply labels directly to food products themselves and not just the products packaging, meaning customers have peace of mind that no matter what industry sector they deal in, Etiquette always produce labels of the highest quality. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Nestle gives Etiquette full marks once again.

With an outstanding and well-earned reputation as the UK Experts in Labels and Labelling, Etiquette is honoured to supply products to some of the worlds largest manufacturers. As a result, our promise of unrivalled quality and service is something that every member of our team strives to deliver and this is shown in the positive feedback we receive daily from our valued customers. One such customer is Nestle UK – the worlds leading nutrition, health and wellness company and producers of some of Britain’s best-loved brands including Kit Kat, Nescafe, Smarties, Buxton and Shreddies.

With such a prestigious brand portfolio, Nestle expects the highest level of service from all of its suppliers and Etiquette is proud to announce that once again we have received a score of 100% in their Vendor Evaluation Scorecard (VES). The VES is the key measure of performance used by Nestle for all of their suppliers and ensures that each receipt of goods is checked against its corresponding order to verify that delivery date, quantity and quality matches what was requested. With a maximum score in all areas, Etiquette guarantees that the products we deliver are perfect every time, not just for Nestle but for every single customer we deal with. That is our promise.

Where quality is non-negotiable, Etiquette can be relied upon to provide class-leading service and support whilst offering businesses in any industry a great deal in labelling. Why not see what Etiquette can do for you by visiting or by calling our experienced Sales Team now on 0845 222 0354


Plain Labels

Etiquette has a large number of stock labels, ideal for barcode printing or general use with printers from all main manufacturers. Our labels can be supplied on a range of material, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.Etiquette can provide plain labels to the exact size you need that may not be available on our stock list, and have a wide variety of cutters that help customers benefit from with low set up costs. This ensures fast and efficient service from order to delivery and means nobody can beat Etiquette in quality of service, when you need labels quickly. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:




Label Machines and Applicators

At Etiquette we have always taken great pride in our quality of service. Not only do Etiquette provide a great deal in labelling, we also help our customers every step of the way. Our team of dedicated professionals  are able to visit your  facility to ensure you get the right Labelling Machine or Label Applicator for your needs. Our engineers are able to take care of the delivery and installation of the labelling machine to suit your requirements. Etiquette is trusted by many of the UK’s largest companies to provide quality service for the life of the machine or applicator.  For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Quality Printed Labels from Etiquette

Etiquette have printed quality labels for some of the worlds leading brands in all kinds of different industries. From food labels to toiletries to industrial labels. Etiquette have over twenty years of experience in printing labels. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality product possible. At Etiquette we realize that labels sell your product, and that is why we believe quality is of the utmost importance and pride ourselves on a reputation for manufacturing the finest labels. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Free Range Egg Labels

Etiquette have printed some free range egg labels for Red Cliffe Farm. These labels have been printed with the latest in UV ink Technology with an over printable varnish, that allow Red Cliffe Farm to print additional information such as barcodes or product codes when required. Each label has a three colour design. Both labels are 100mm x 100mm in size and with their respective colours will add real shelf appeal. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Unilever Labels

Etiquette have printed labels for Unilever. Unilever are responsible for some of the biggest brands known to us in the UK and around the world. These include brands such as Lynx, Marmite, Bovril, Dove, Persil and many more. These labels are printed with the latest in UV ink technology, with an over printable area allowing Unilever to print their own products or sell by dates on the labels. This Unilever label has been printed with no less than five colours. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

Etiquette’s Social Media Pressence

At Etiquette we believe communication is key. That is why Etiquette keep people informed and up to date with our products and all the printed labels straight off the press. You can follow etiquette labels across a multitude of social media sites. Etiquette labels are present on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ where we post about the latest in Etiquette news. If you wish to see Etiquette applicators or machines in action then you can do so on our YouTube Channel.

We post about applicators, labels, machines, thermal ribbon and all other print related topics. So why not get more informed about the printing industry and Etiquette labels. After all we are the UK experts in labels and labelling.

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