Made in Britain

If your products are manufactured  here in Great Britain, you should consider featuring a made in Britain label that can improve your brand image and expand awareness of your items. Industry-conscious customers look at food products and items to see if they are home grown or locally produced. Consumers will value the home grown touch, and will look to support locally sourced goods and can be quite passionate about home grown products and British produce. Labelling products this way may give consumers a new outlook on your product, as many manufacturer’s produce goods abroad. However with costs beginning to increase in the far east and other manufacturing parts of the world many companies are once again choosing to produce goods in the UK. This is leading patriotic consumers to seek out products made in the British Isles to support our home grown industries and make Britain Great again!  For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

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