Natural Kitchen London Clear Labels


Currently being printed on our presses are these clear / transparent labels for the Natural Kitchen. As the UK experts in labels and labelling we are able to produce a wide range of quality labels at the most cost effective prices. Our specialist print team use only the finest materials and the latest in printing technology for all our clients. These labels for the Natural Kitchen are being manufactured using a polypropylene material which allows for a wide range of design and performance choices on rigid packaging and bottles. This kind of material is more commonly used in the beer and beverage and high-end cosmetic labelling where a ‘no label’ look can increase shelf impact. Another main reason polypropylene is widely used in these industries is because it is a very durable and highly resistant synthetic material. It is fully water and weather proof and is excellent for applications that are outdoors or in constant exposure or contact with water as it has high resistance to oils, alcohol and many other chemicals. When thinking of using a clear label for printing your design, we have options of Matt or Gloss clear materials depending on your desired finish.  The gloss clear will provide a glossy or shiny finish, with the matt offering a satin or more dull design.  It is often personal preference to your desired look. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

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