Utensa Kingdom Collection Printed Labels


Designed by and produced by Etiquette these labels truly show that not only do we provide complete labelling solutions for customers but we also make their products come to life. Labels can be just as important as the product itself to gain and retain your customer base, and we understand that the quality and design can make all the difference between flying off the shelf or being ignored, with this in mind we pride ourselves on producing high quality labels so your products will stand out from the crowd. One of the unique features on this label is that it uses one of our special removable adhesives, allowing the end user to remove the label from the product and view the instructional information on the reverse of label. The label has been finished using an over printable varnish that allows operators at Utensa to print variable information such as barcodes, price and product codes on the label.

Marketing Manager Chris Davies who was instrumental in  this project is quoted as saying: “After a meeting and brief with the team from Utensa, it was decided that a label with a regal design and feel would be the most appropriate final touch to the ‘Kingdom Collection’. Our designers utilised carefully selected typography and colours in the print process to produce a label that, firstly reflects the premium nature of the product, and secondly satisfies the functions that it must perform from the customers perspective. I’m happy to say that Utensa are really pleased with the end result.”


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