Labels for Colder Climates

Before designing your label remember to think about what your packaging and your product is intended for. Is the packaging going to be stored in the freezer or used in the shower? It is widely considered the label is the selling point of the product. This is true, labels help a product stand out from its competitors. For instance if you are customer and your shopping in the local supermarket looking around the frozen goods isle and see a product with labels detaching from a certain product you not going to want to purchase said product. For the label to be able to withstand these conditions the material would have to be strong as not tear, this would be a synthetic label material. In addition the adhesive would have to be a freezer grade adhesive so it would not freeze. Another thing to take into consideration is the surface and shape of the packaging your label will have to stick on smooth surfaces are ideal for applying labels, whereas rougher surfaces will require a rather more aggressive adhesive. Choosing the correct material and adhesive would give your label the best chance of helping to sell your product whatever the storage conditions of the packaging.

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