What can a Varnish do to help your label

Using a varnish on your labels can really help the label to appeal. But what is a varnish?

A varnish is a transparent liquid that is applied to the surface of the label. The varnish has its benefits which  include speeding up the drying process and adding a protective layer to the ink underneath for increased durability and scratch resistance. Printing varnish comes in various varieties, for example a Gloss varnish could be used to accentuate the colours on a label to make them appear more vivid and eye catching, this could be applied where photography has been used on the label. Whereas a Matt varnish could be used to diffuse glare from the light making things such as small text more legible. To add an overall shine to your label it would be beneficial to use a Flood varnish to give a glossy effect and a more professional look, this would then in turn add a more pristine finish to the whole surface of label.  When thinking of what details of the label you would like the customers eye to be drawn to, keep in mind how varnishes could benefit the look of your label and help you achieve the label that you desire for your product.

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