How UV Inks Can Benefit Your Labels

We all know labels are printed with inks on the surface of the substrate which adds the colour of the label design. As the industry progresses the demand for better quality materials and inks has also increased, as to enhance the overall quality to labels and the printing industry in general. UV inks are one of the ways the printing industry has improved as UV inks enhance the quality of the image on the surface of the label and unlike traditional water based inks they are more environmentally friendly. UV inks are typically denser than usual inks and cannot be air dried; the labels are passed under UV lamps that instantly turn the liquid into a plastic like coating. This process allows more of the ink to stick to the substrate and results in a greater colour density and improved scratch resistance along with a more consistent colour. With less waste being produced by the ink due to its qualities and improved printing process it has less of an impact on the environment. This greater end result is thanks to the quality of the UV inks, the sharper tones and more crisp lines add a real flare to the design helping to add a real quality finish to the surface with the label. Giving a more attractive and very professional finish to your product’s label adding a real shelf appeal.

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