High Quality Food Labels


As competition within the food industry increases, so does the importance of label quality and overall shelf-appeal. Having printed food labels for over 20 years, our unmatched standards of excellence and labelling expertise will allow you to stand out and differentiate your product from competing brands. Our extensive experience in supplying labels into the food industry means that we can recommend the most economical solutions to suit a variety of applications. Food labelling is arguably the most critical part in the sale and marketing of your product. Poorly printed food labels that fail to capture the eye-catching nature of your design will inevitably lead to wandering eyes on the shelf. Using the latest flexographic label printing technology, we deliver dazzling labels with superior print and material quality. In addition to producing and printing food labels for some of the worlds largest brands, Etiquette are always delighted to work with and assist small and new businesses. For more information on the many ways in which printed labels from Etiquette can enhance your business presence, call our Sales Team now on 0845 222 0354 or email sales@etiquette.co.uk today.

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