Primary product labels for Profab Access Ltd

Printed labels from Etiquette for Profab Access Ltd


Coming off the presses today are these beautifully printed labels for Profab Access Ltd – a market-leading manufacturer and distributor of Access Panels, Riser Doors, Steel Doors and Loft Hatches. Satisfying a variety of our customers applications, these labels are used for primary products with the ability to add additional information to function as an identification label. The customer has also taken the opportunity to showcase their various levels of accreditation and qualification in their field. Our expert label printing team has crafted them using 3 colours of the latest in UV ink technology and as a result have created a winning combination that provides on-shelf appeal whilst maintaining the industrial form of the label. For more information on the many ways in which printed labels from Etiquette can enhance your business presence, call our Sales Team now on 0845 222 0354 or email today.

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