Barcodes are vital to your products success

Did you know that the first scanning UPC or Universal Product Code barcode was printed on a pack of Wrigleys Chewing Gum in 1974? 40 years later the technology involved has advanced and adapted through the years to the point that, now you can’t imagine products without a barcode as they are used across the globe for quality control and verification. When a barcode is implemented on a label a Unique Identifying Number (UID) can be assigned to the package or product.

Barcodes are a key element in label design as every time a barcode fails to scan costs are incurred. Best case scenario is the data is input manually, at worst, deliveries are rejected. This projects the wrong type of image for your company. In line with international standards barcode verification is mandatory for any company that is either designing or printing their own barcodes, ensuring that an acceptable barcode is created. Failure to supply reliable barcodes will inevitably lead to a damaged reputation.

Etiquette is well known for our quality of service, and can help you with your product barcodes. Whether you are looking to overprint your barcodes on labels or for someone to print your labels with barcodes, Etiquette has a solution tailored to your requirements. We can supply you with pre-printed or plain labels, barcode printers, software to design your barcodes, verification and scanning equipment. For any label or barcode requirements that you may have contact our expert sales team today on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

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