What you need to know about changes in labelling after Brexit.

Labels after brexit - what changes?

As we all know the UK has now left the EU.

This will affect many different aspects of our lives. Within the labelling industry, there will be some things that will require your attention – to make sure the labels are reflecting all the changes in the law.

All the information you need is gathered neatly on this website. Here are some of the important points:

You must not use the EU organics logo from 1 January 2021 unless:

  • your UK control body is authorised by the EU to certify UK goods for export to the EU
  • the UK and the EU agree to recognise each other’s standards (called ‘equivalency’)

Contact your control body to stay up to date.

If the UK does not reach an equivalency deal with the EU, you cannot export organic food or feed from the UK to the EU.

You can continue to use your UK organic control body logo.

Read more about trading and labelling organic food from 1 January 2021.

EU emblem

You must not use the EU emblem on goods produced in the UK from 1 January 2021 unless you have been authorised by the EU to do so.

EU health and identification marks

On products of animal origin (POAO), you must replace the EU oval health and identification marks with new UK health and identification marks.

Country of origin labels

UK food must not be labelled as origin ‘EU’ from 1 January 2021.

Visit the link above to find out more. For any labelling enquires give us a call today on 01978 664544 or email sales@etiquette.co.uk.

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