Sandwell College Sandwich Labels


As a dedicated label printing company, we can offer the best quality sandwich labels in addition to a complete range of labelling solutions. Any idea you have can be turned into an attractive and eye-catching label with ease and customers can rest assured that their final product will whet the appetite of many consumers. We use the latest industry technologies and techniques to produce labels of up to and including 10 colours, to make your labels vibrant and eye-catching.

We specialise in custom printed labels for the food industry, whether that be helping businesses get off the ground with their very first labels order, or world leading companies that use labels in their millions, we can tailor a solution around your needs.

One customer that recently approached Etiquette was Sandwell College who were going to be offering a wide range of sandwiches to the students that attend. Sandwell wanted the label to feature the college logo and have space for variable information to be printed. Our tireless production staff printed these labels to match the College’s livery, whilst finishing the labels with an over-printable varnish that allows the end user to print variable information over the labels, such as ingredients, pricing and barcodes, making these labels versatile so they can be used across many sandwich flavours.

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