Printing Labels for World Renowned Brands


Using the latest printing equipment and techniques allows us to produce labels that are of the highest standards. Our unsurpassed knowledge means that we are able to produce labels such as these for Bovril. A well-loved product known across the world, Bovril is renowned for its beefy taste and for keeping you warm during the cold winter months. These new labels feature a new slogan, Warm Up and Re-charge. By using the latest in UV ink technology we are able to print the most vibrant colours to catch the customer’s eye. The labels are finished with an over-printable varnish to allow variable information to be printed on the label. If you are looking for a label manufacturer that can supply high quality labels to all kinds of businesses from start-up companies to Blue Chip companies we can tailor a cost effective labelling solution around your needs. For more information on our printing services or any other services we provide you can call our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at



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