Printed Labels for Point Two Air Jackets


Point Two is a small, family business based in West Sussex, UK. It is owned and staffed by horse riders who feel passionate about providing revolutionary levels of safety to the equestrian world. Established in the summer of 2008, when air vest technology was available in the motorcycling industry. Point Two tracked down the designer, added their own equestrian expertise to the already successful product and in 2009 produced the first version of our ever-popular ProAir vest. Point Two is always looking for new and improved ways to help protect all horse riders and carriage drivers, regardless of their discipline or ability, whether in competition or schooling at home.­

These labels were produced by our highly skilled production team using the latest printing technology and techniques such as UV inks and high quality adhesives. The labels feature pre-printed instructions for correct use of the ProAir safety vests and contact details of Point Two should any customer have a query about the product. Additionally these labels also feature the Point Two company logo and were printed in same colours as the company livery. For more details on our label printing service contact us on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

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