Ma’amite Special Edition Labels


Since 1994 we have proudly manufactured iconic labels for Marmite. A brand steeped in heritage that has launched several limited edition products such as Champagne Marmite, Guinness Marmite, Xtra Old Marmite, that have all been entrusted to Etiquette to produce masterful labels in addition the classic original label that is recognised around the world. Quite possibly the most prestigious of all the labels we have produced for Marmite is when the nation’s favourite spread honoured the Queen with a fitting tribute to her 60 years on the throne, which incidentally coincided with the brands 110th anniversary and special addition jars were commissioned and renamed Ma’amite.

Brand owners Unilever turned to Etiquette and our expert printing team to retain the brands much loved personality whilst producing a label that would give Ma’amite a strong and striking on shelf appeal. The label features a Union Jack instead of the more familiar yellow and red, in addition to a crown featuring the wording around the bottom of the jar puns on ‘toasting the Queen’ on her Jubilee keeping in theme with Marmite’s traditional British quintessential humour.

We work with numerous big name brands across the UK and Europe to produce outstanding quality labels for many different industry sectors. For the past 23 years Etiquette has been entrusted by businesses of all sizes from entrepreneurial business start-ups placing their very first label order, global companies who use labels in there millions who are looking for a reliable strategic partner to help expand their organisation and business. For more details on our label printing service contact us on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

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