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We offer tailored labelling solutions to all our customers so they can reap the benefits of our experience and knowledge. We aim to help your business succeed and grow by increasing productivity within the work place and boosting sales. We are able to supply your business with label applicators, printed labels, label printers and label design software too just name a few.

If you wanted to design labels and integrate your very own barcode with the minimal amount of fuss to save on downtime, you’ll be happy to know that Etiquette is the sole UK distributor of LabelView. This state of the art label design software allows you to design custom barcode labels offering numerous wizards to guide you through barcode label creation, and it has a full arsenal of compliance, connectivity and design tools to let you create barcode labels for almost any industry.

With LabelView you have a full complement of tools to use when designing barcode labels in addition to being able to drag and drop images and objects onto labels. You can rotate them and align objects and elements and create basic shapes like rectangles, squares, lines, circles and ellipses as well as adding text. This state of the art label design software offers wizard creation tools to help you design and generate a label in no time at all. It uses time/date stamping and password protection to lock down barcode labels you create. It utilizes serialization and you can track histories of barcodes whilst also offering a library of compliance symbols. For more details contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at:

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