Label Adhesives


Being the UK’s independent experts in labels and labelling we know that every label is different as we specialise in the printing of self-adhesive labels. When creating self-adhesive labels the performance of the adhesive is critical to the label. The type of label that you require dictates the adhesive of which there are three main types permanent, semi-permanent or removable. To choose the correct adhesive for your labels you have to ask yourself. Do you want your labels to stick quickly and permanently to the substrates surface as Permanent adhesives have a high ultimate adhesion which makes the labels very difficult to remove intact. Do you need them to be easily removed? Removable adhesives are designed to form a temporary bond, and ideally can be removed after months or years without leaving residue. Perhaps you want time to readjust the labels before they stick permanently? Semi-permanent come somewhere in between. The adhesive behaves like a removable adhesive, initially allowing you time to place and replace your labels at will. After a few days, the adhesive changes composition and permanently affixes itself to the surface. For more information you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at


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