Etiquette Printed Labels – Brown Eggs Labels

Etiquette's printing team have produced these labels Brown Eggs Ltd


Hot off the press – 100mm x 100mm labels for Brown Eggs LTD.  The Scarborough based egg producer and packer needed the labels cut to a specific size to fit their free range egg cartons.  Printed in a  three colour process the labels are finished with a custom varnish allowing the customer to over-print their particular details in the spaces designed, in the case of Brown Eggs they are able to print the price of their cartons of eggs along with any other product information they require.  These bright and colourful labels should surely add on-shelf appeal to their product and will be coming off the press shortly ready to be re-reeled, packed and sent out by courier to the customer!  For more information on Etiquette’s printing machines and label printing services visit our website on or call us on 0845 222 0354

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