Bottle Label Applicator and Labelling Machine for Total Floor Ltd

The Etiquette Label X 250 Bottle Label Applicator and Labelling Machine from Etiquette

Illustrated above is a new Bottle Label Applicator and Labelling Machine build that has been tested, completed and delivered to the customer by our engineering team. The Label X JR TR 250 is a compact, economical and reliable semi-automatic self adhesive label applicator that will be used to label bottles of flooring adhesive product manufactured by our customer Total Floor Ltd ( A small, yet robust machine complete with a simple to use integral control box, the Label X JR TR 250 label applicator is frame mounted and ready to sit on any work surface. Powered rollers rotate the bottle, and the label is dispensed and applied at rotation speed, ensuring an accurate, wrinkle-free, smooth application. The waste backing paper is neatly wound onto a seperate take up spool, and can be discarded at the end of the production run. The machine can accomodate a full roll of labels up to 300mm diameter and the waste take up spool can accomodate the waste backing paper from a full roll of labels. The customer is using this label applicator to apply self adhesive labels to bottles of bonding adhesive for their deck floor laying system. The printed labels were produced here at Etiquette by our label printing team using the latest UV ink technology on a material with a special backing. Once the run of labels was completed and inspected by our quality control department, the customer was invited to visit our demonstration area to observe the labels being tested on the label applicator. Our engineers carried out test runs of application using samples of the customers final product and once satisfied with the performance provided the customer with full operator training for their new labelling machine.

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