Bodnant Welsh Food Centre


The award winning Bodnant Dairy is a core part of Bodnant Welsh Food Centre, producing Artisan Cheese and Butter which are based on traditional, regional recipes. All products at the dairy are produced with Welsh milk coming from a local, single, Friesian herd just half a mile away, the milk used is of the highest quality, consistently and with full traceability. The cows graze in the lush green pastures that are watered by rain from the Snowdonia mountains. The dedicated dairy team pasteurise the fresh, creamy, raw milk to produce cheese with unique flavours.

In continuation of our fantastic work with Bodnant Welsh Foods, Etiquette produced these labels using no less than 5 UV inks to ensure the highest quality finish and a deep freeze adhesive which enables the labels to continue to perform in the coldest of storage temperatures. The labels use traditional fonts to pay homage to the 18th century recipe’s that the range of Aber Cheese’s are made from. Bodnant pride themselves on their quality products, combined with expert knowledge and outstanding customer service – much in the same way as we do here at Etiquette! For more information please contact us on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:


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