Quick chat with Paul

Today we’ve had an opportunity to speak to one of our long-time customers, Paul Broadbent.

Paul, who has been our client for almost five years, was visiting to perform a pre delivery inspection for one of his custom assembled labellers. When asked about his experience with Etiquette Labels over the years and what has made our relationship successful, Paul had this to say:

“ I required a piece of equipment to suit my customer needs,  within the production site’s space restrictions and technical requirements, John has visited the site with me, to help develop a complete solution that would do the job properly and provide guaranteed longevity.

Although the machine wasn’t a  standard product and required modification, Etiquette got it done extremely quickly as there was timescale involved. It was also well within budget and has worked really well.

Over the last 4 years we have had 12 machines, with virtually no problems or errors. Etiquette Labelling machinery is very well engineered and reliable and does exactly what is expected.”

Thank you Paul, for your kind words, we’re hoping we can continue to deliver great customer service for you and we wish you all the best!

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