Make your Products Standout with Label Embellishments


1…2…3…4…5…6…7….  Just seven seconds. This is widely acknowledged as how much time your products have on a competitive retail shelf to attract a customers’ attention. On-shelf competition is as fierce as ever with internationally recognised brands vying for the same space as smaller, more humble local producers, meaning your products packaging becomes very important in the buying process.

Your products label has never been more important, not only does the label represent you and your company’s values it also has to attract potential customer’s attention and beat the seven-second clock. One cost effective way to increase your products on-shelf appeal is to use metallic inks or foil, their bright sheens grab attention, and they come in a full range of colour tints. More importantly, they can give your products a premium look and feel. Our productions team’s collective experience has enabled Etiquette to deliver some outstanding results with foil and metallic inks on premium food brands, beer, wine and spirits right through to personal care labels.

How does adding a foil in the printing process? Foiling works by using a print station to allow a special adhesive to adhere onto the label’s material. When the metallic foil is brought into contact with the label web, it adheres to the printed adhesive areas. The adhesive is activated under the UV light, allowing the foiled areas to be seen and the non-foiled areas to be removed which results in the design only being visible, very much like using metallic inks to grab customers attention using their bright sheen. For more details on how we can help your products standout contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

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