Here at Etiquette we are always doing a great deal in labelling, from printing labels to installing print and apply label machines for fast moving industrial production lines, or setting up label printers for customers on site. We are also a leading supplier of Thermal Transfer Ribbons and stock many different types of Ribbon that are compatible with the leading brand of label printer. There are three main types of ribbon that we offer:



Wax Thermal Ribbon is a premium wax grade, enhanced especially for maximum print performance. High carbon content guarantees a crisp, sharp black image – so crucial for the printing of graphics, text, and barcodes.Our wax thermal ribbons have been developed to provide maximum performance upon a broad range of coated and plain paper. Image density, edge definition and a low energy release combine to deliver a rock-solid solution for todays markets.



Wax resin grade of thermal ribbon is designed to work with flat head technology printers, providing perfect print performance. Wax Resin is a high-end solution, particularly suited to the high volume segment of labelling, providing versatility over a broad range of both film media and paper.Outstanding image density, edge definition combined with a low energy release deliver a solid, single source for today’s market’s.


High performance Resin Ribbon is a UK approved resin ribbon crafted to work with almost all flat head thermal transfer printers operating in industrial conditions.Resin is another premium solution best suited where high durability is of paramount importance, offering exceptionally versatility over an enormous range of synthetic and paper media.

If you would like to know more on how Etiquette can supply you with Thermal Transfer Ribbon you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

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