Printed labels for Pitta Patta by Simply Gentle

At the end of March 2019, leading suppliers in the health and Beauty industry Macdonald and Taylor Healthcare approached Etiquette to manufacture premium self adhesive labels for a new range of “Pitta Patta” organic baby products for their Simply Gentle brand.

As the first UK manufacturer to gain Soil Association accreditation for its range of products and a representative for major brands, Macdonald and Taylor wanted to further cement their reputation as an industry innovator by redeveloping their plastic packaging to being as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as the organic contents inside. In collaboration with Etiquette, research and development for this quick-turnaround project began in earnest with multiple packaging options on the table. With testing undertaken it was decided that the squeezable bottles and tubes needed for the Pitta Patta range would be constructed from a biodegradable sugar cane compound that would meet the strict requirements laid down by the Soil Association.

With the bottles and tubes ready, it was over to Etiquette to deliver the right substrate for self adhesive labels that would not only meet the environmentally-conscious criteria for the product but also offer the functionality and flexibility needed for a squeezable baby product. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with UPM Raflatac, Etiquette was able to find the perfect solution for the application in the form of RafBio PE White FTC – an eco-designed material ideal for curved and squeezable products that provides the benefits of PE whilst offering a sustainable alternative to fossil-based films, all without sacrificing any application reliability when exposed to water, chemicals, oils and UV light.

Once the eye-catching designs for the labels had been crafted, our expert print department set about producing the labels on our Mark Andy P4 17” Performance Series flexographic press. Ensuring press stability on this new material was vital to the job due to the tendencies for direction shrinkage as the film relaxes after die-cutting and in the hands of John Watkins, a flexographic printer with over 20 years service at Etiquette, the labels were in the safest of hands.

Once the job was complete and had passed our stringent quality control, it was time to deliver the labels that would add the finishing touch to a great product for Macdonald and Taylor. Feedback from the customer was instant and emphatic – the perfect label for the application, delivered on-time and in-full and at the highest level of quality available.

That is what we do at Etiquette.

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