New Labels for the Pextenement Cheese Comapny


Founded in 2008, the Pextenement Cheese Company produces high quality handmade cheeses solely from organic milk produced on Pextenement Farm which is situated in Calderdale West Yorkshire. The first Pextenement cheeses were available in shops in mid-August 2009 and now the artisan producer has a range of cheeses that can be found in stores in addition to farmers markets in surrounding areas. The farm was originally founded by Garnet Sutcliffe who started dairy farming at Pextenement in 1924, when later in 1998 his two sons Ronald and Norman took over with Garnet’s granddaughter Sandra also joining the family business. Sandra’s partner Carl later joined in 2008 after leaving his career in I.T to help start the Pextenement Cheese Company, where inspiration for the name was drawn from the farm’s history with the word “Pex” referring to pig farming and “Tenement” deriving from a time when the farm housed 10 families.

We recently had the pleasure of re-designing the labels for Pextenement’s Devil’s Rock Blue Cheese, which is named after a rock formation located near the farm and it’s the latest cheese based on soft Italian cheeses. The new design includes the Pextenement company logo, and the traditional Stoodley Pike which adorns the Pextenement’s range. In addition to this the new labels also feature OF&G Organic and EU Agriculture Symbols to certify to customers that the product is produced on organic land. For more details you can contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at:

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