Labels? We’ve go(a)t them!

Goat cheese labels - custom printed self-adhesive

Today we celebrate a Goats Cheese Day (at least some of us are!) so we thought we’ll join in and feature a couple of nice-looking labels!

We have just produced these circular, self-adhesive, printed labels for St Helen’s Farm.

The company ” began when it was discovered that goats’ milk was of great appeal to people who could not tolerate cows’ milk. In those days, goats’ milk could only be bought from individual farms and supermarkets concentrated on cows’ milk products. “

They also say on their website: “Looking after the goats is a constant activity and there is a well-rehearsed daily routine of feeding, bedding and milking. Our goats are kept on straw in large barns with plenty of room to move around and with lots of natural air and light. They are sociable, curious animals and living in settled familiar groups helps them to milk more consistently throughout the year.

In the shelter, they are protected from the vagaries of the British weather where the dangers of footrot and soil-borne diseases can be a real health hazard to them. It also means that we can control their diet and ensure it is fibre-rich and nutritionally balanced for their own health and for good quality milk. Milking takes place three times a day, in the very early morning, at midday, then late afternoon. On average, each goat produces around 3 litres of milk a day. So you can imagine why we need so many!”

We produce labels for many cheese producers and other companies in the food industry. Our BRC accreditation gives our customers extra peace of mind and guarantees that the labels are manufactured to the highest quality and hygiene standards.

Our labels are always produced on a roll, unless told otherwise by the client, to enable application by machinery. We can, of course, tailor the core size to your requirements. We also supply label applicators, automaticsemi-automatic and print and apply machinery.

To find out more about our complete labelling solutions visit our websiteyoutube channel, give us a call on 01978 664544 or you can email us at

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