It’s Alive! – Digital Labels for Eaten Alive Raw Fermented Products

A range of products from Eaten Alive with great looking digital labels, produced by Etiquette Labels, UK Experts in Labels and Labelling

We have been a label supplier for Eaten Alive for some time now and we are incredibly proud of their success! Their healthy, delicious, raw fermented products are becoming increasingly popular due to the health benefits they provide along with an original and intense flavour. Here’s a few words from their website about the fermentation process:

“Fermentation is simply a way of transforming and preserving fresh produce. By using lacto-fermentation, we’re preserving fresh ingredients at their best and creating live products that require a little careful direction to maintain consistent flavour and texture. ‘Lacto‘ refers to lactic acid bacteria, the myriad bacteria species that convert the natural starches and sugars within vegetables into lactic acid.  Rather than adding acid in the form of vinegar (pickling), the bacteria produce their own acid, achieving a lesser degree of preservation than vinegar pickles, but far surpassing them in flavour and health.”

The labels are digitally printed on a synthetic material to give them durability necessary with this type of product and the colours we achieved are fantastically vibrant and rich.

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