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CBD Vitamins Printed Labels For Choice

Fresh of the printing press, we’ve got these fabulous- looking digitally printed labels for Choice – a manufacturer of CBD oils and vitamins. Launched in 2019, Choice is an award-winning UK business, already making a huge difference in people’s health and wellbeing.
CHOICE have sourced ingredients of the highest quality to make all their products and they go “above and beyond when it comes to testing”. Their Hemp is grown and processed in the USA under highly controlled conditions and tested in one of the most regulated markets in the world; every finished product is third-party lab tested to retain certified quality. 

If you’re looking for some additional information about CBD, you can find it on Choice website:

There are many reported benefits associated with the use of CBD. It has been known to reduce inflammation in the body, making it an effective aid in combatting everything from acne to chronic muscular pain. Other studies such as the WHO Cannabidiol Report suggest that CBD can be used to calm the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia, promoting a harmonious balance between mind and body.

WHO’s Cannabidiol report also suggests that CBD has been found to be neuroprotective, which means that it can help maintain and regulate brain health. However, this is but scratching the surface of the potential benefits of CBD.

Their products looks absolutely stunning. Printed on the highest quality synthetic material, with vivid, rich UV inks, the labels are eye-catching, with their modern and classy design standing out. Permanent adhesive will keep the labels securely in place. We also offer labels printed using a flexographic printing press, ideal for larger volumes. We have many options of materials and adhesives available, suitable for food labelling, industrial labelling, tamper-evident labelling, GHS Labels & Chemical Labelling etc.

We also specialise in labelling equipment, including specific machinery required to label cheese packaging. You can look at some examples on our YouTube channel:
Automatic Top and Bottom Cheese Labelling Machine for Fayrefield Foods

If you would like to know more, please visit our websiteyoutube channel, give us a call on 01978 664544. You can also email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk.

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