Smoked Red Fox Labels

Brand New Printed Labels for Belton Farm Smoked Red Fox

We have recently had the pleasure of printing out some brand new Printed Labels for Belton Farm Cheese. They have introduced a delicious new variation of their famous Red Fox Leicester Cheese.

“Red Fox uses a unique recipe which was developed over many years. This along with carefully selected cultures and the skill of our cheese-makers produces an intense and complex blend of sweet and savoury distinctive flavours. This delicious handcrafted russet-coloured cheese has a cunningly unexpected crunch. The subtle crunch comes from the naturally occurring calcium lactate crystals which form as the cheese matures. Matured for over 16 months, Red Fox is an aged Red Leicester. The Red Fox name is no accident, referring to the weather vane that has stood aloft Belton Farm since 1815.

Smoked Red Fox is also first matured for 16-18 months to bring out to best and richest flavours and then smoked for 10 hours over Oak chips and adding some extra aroma!

The self-adhesive labels that we manufactured for them are printed using our flexographic printing press and benefit from high-quality materials and special gold inks. Deep rich colours and high definition print help bring out the best in this design – with its distinctive elegance and a hint of modern quirkiness. Thanks to our extremely high hygiene standards, we remain a trusted choice FOR UK’s and Europe’s biggest food and beverage brands.

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