Printed Labels for Condiment Jars

As you might know already, we produce a lot of labels for the food industry. Thanks to our extremely high standards and almost 30 years of experience in product labelling, food manufacturers trust us to print their labels efficiently, hygienically and to their exact requirements. Our bespoke made labels are always produced using high-quality materials from reliable sources and even the biggest brands have the confidence to trust us with their labels.

Nakasero Range is growing – we have just printed some new Marmalata Labels.

The Nakasero labels we have printed this time are, once again, absolutely gorgeous! The original Nakasero Giardiniera Labels are looking fantastic – the vivid mustard yellow complementing the colourful ingredients of this award-winning product.

Now we have a new addition to the range – Marmalata, an Italian style chilli jam-packed with vegetables and a careful blend of herbs and spices. The design corresponds with the previous label with some colour change, to go with the dark red contents. We have used a combination of glossy and matt varnish to make the labels even more visually appealing. Simple, modern layout and typography along with pure and vibrant inks create a perfect finish to this premium products.

Labels are printed on a roll, with front and back labels alternating on the web, to allow application by a labelling machine.

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Don’t forget – we supply automaticsemi-automatic and print and apply machinery for complete labelling solution!

Digitally Printed Personalised Labels for Neon Sheep

Digital Labels for Neon Sheep Shower Gel Bottle by Etiquette Labels

We have recently printed these fun labels for Neon Sheep, a British retail company. They have currently an ongoing range of products featuring a first initial – from mugs and pillows to shower gels – perfect for a Christmas present. They truly look fantastic! You can also find many interesting items: novelty gifts, high-quality homeware, stationery, clothing and accessories.

The labels have been produced using a digital printing method, which is always ideal for smaller, frequently changing or one-off runs. As they do not require printing plates, the origination costs are lower and CMYK printing allows us to use a full spectrum of colours.

Printed on transparent synthetic material gives the customer a better view of the product and a see-through bottle evokes the sensation of cleanliness and purity. The beautiful, modern design gives the product a premium look, that will certainly attract potential customers. The labels are wear and tear-resistant, which is an essential feature for cosmetic bottle labels.

If you would like to know more about our services visit our websiteyoutube channel, give us a call on 01978 664544 or you can email us at
Don’t forget – we also supply automaticsemi-automatic and print and apply machinery!

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