Printed Labels for T-Zone Facial Wash

Professionally printed, self-adhesive labels on a roll, cosmetic labels for T-Zone Facial Wash

We re proudly presenting those great-looking printed labels, produced for T-Zone Charcoal Facial Wash. It is a deeply cleansing, dermatologically tested, paraben-free and hypoallergenic product, highly popular in the UK, especially amongst younger customers.

Charcoal powder is highly absorptive as it has numerous small pores allowing it to adsorb chemical substances such as impurities and oil on the skin and hair. It is very useful in soaps, shampoos, body scrubs and cosmetic products.

These self-adhesive labels are printed using the traditional flexographic press, allowing to produce large volumes of labels while keeping production costs low. We used a semi-gloss paper and UV inks to achieve rich and vibrant colours, that will attract potential buyers attention. We always use high-quality printing plates, which results in the finest definition, as well as excellent adhesives to make sure the labels will adhere to the product perfectly.

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We print the nicest looking Ice Cream Labels!

Self-adhesive, digital labels for ice cream jars

We have printed those fantastic looking ice cream labels for our friends at the Greedy Goat. They are a British company based in Somerset, producing delicious ice cream made out of goat’s milk, which is 85% less allergenic than cow’s milk, high in potassium which helps reduce blood pressure and naturally homogenized, without heavy processing. They have 8 wonderfully refreshing flavours available.

We produced that great looking, digitally printed, self-adhesive labels. The modern design and vibrant colours help to achieve much needed on-shelf appeal and matt finish boosts the overall contemporary and quirky style.

If you would like to find out more about our labels, label applicators or ribbons, contact us on 01978 664544 or you can email us at

6 steps to choose the right colour scheme for your label

6 steps to choose the right colour scheme for your label

We have reached the last part of this series. At this point, you have a good insight into the design process – the final touch is now choosing the right colours to go with your concept.

Just like the previous blog posts – this one also aims to give you some general knowledge and help you to make a better decision. There are simple steps you can take to make sure you are not making a bad one!

  1. Start from black and white. Make sure your design works in black and white before you start experimenting with colour.
  2. Know your audience. Find out as much as you can, about your target audience – if your product is aimed at teenagers, you will have to research current trends and find out what is popular right now, including colours. You can take inspiration from fashion magazines, tv shows, popular apps, even toys.
  3. Read about colour psychology. Certain colours have been proven to have an effect on our minds, that we might not even realise. For example, we connect the colour blue with feelings of calmness, peace and trust, while the colour red is exciting and daring. Think about what you want your label to say, then find the right colours to help you convey that message.
  4. Aim for legibility. Avoid clashing colours or colours that are too similar – that will make it harder to read. After all, the labels main goal is to inform. Avoid using too many colours.
  5. Go for simplicity if you can. The easiest way to achieve harmony is to use a monochromatic colour scheme. That way you are less likely to overuse certain colours or create a distraction. Use neutral colours like white or grey to balance your design.
  6. Visit colour scheme websites like Colorhunt or Adobe Color to search for specific combinations. You can test them and adjust according to your requirements. It’s a good starting point if you’re struggling.

Those 6 simple steps should help you achieve better design and more sophisticated final result. If you are in doubt or need some advice you can always talk to our design team. Give us a call on 01978 664544 or you can email us at

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Best solutions for front and back labelling

Front and back labelling label applicator and printed labels on a roll

Etiquette Labels have been providing complete labelling solutions for nearly 30 years now and we can help with even the toughest and most challenging tasks. In this post, I wanted to concentrate on front and back labelling solutions.

The process of efficiently labelling your product that requires both front and back label applied has to start from a correctly planned labels. That would be determined by the type of label applicator you have available. The printing plate and cutter set up will allow the labels to be re-reeled and finished on a roll with a repeating pattern or on two separate rolls.

We supply many different types of suitable machinery to apply the labels effortlessly and efficiently. Please have a look at this fantastic examples:

LBX Compact DS-WA front and back labelling system with label wraparound unit

LBX Top and Bottom Label Applicator with a Hot Foil Coder

For more details on printed labels or machinery contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email us at

Printed Labels for Arctic Hayes Range

Printed self-adhesive labels on a roll for machine application

The range of labels we do for Arctic Hayes is expanding and they look fantastic! As we have already mentioned, Arctic Hayes are the UK’s largest supplier of premium quality Plumbing and Heating consumables and equipment.

The self-adhesive labels are produced on a roll to unable machine application to the product and a high-quality permanent adhesive has been used. We offer a wide range of adhesives, from removable to freezable and many other specialist adhesives for many industries, including the automotive and medical. The labels are custom shaped, thanks to bespoke made, highest quality cutters.

We make sure to produce all the labels to the highest standards and specifications, to guarantee, that they will comply with the requirements and expectations of every industry. You can rely on our nearly 30-year-old experience in label manufacturing.

To find out more about our label printing methods and to get more details on how we can help your products stand out, contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email

Eco-friendly Labels for Pitta Patta Range

Eco-friendly synthetic labels, self-adhesive printed labels on a roll.

Once again we wanted to showcase the fantastic labels produced for Simply Gentle range of products. Their aim was to remain gentle and harmless not only for the skin but also for the environment. The entire packaging is biodegradable, thanks to the revolutionary technology and innovative materials used.

To produce the labels we have used RafBio PE White FTC – an eco-designed material ideal for curved and squeezable products that provides the benefits of PE whilst offering a sustainable alternative to fossil-based films, all without sacrificing any application reliability when exposed to water, chemicals, oils and UV light.

If you’re interested in eco-friendly solutions give us a call on 01978 664544 or email

Printed Labels for Cheese Nibbles

Printed labels for Cheese Nibble Pots - tapered labels for conical pots with cut-outs

We have a special place in our heart for any cheese-related stuff.

That is one of the reasons we absolutely adore those conical pot labels, we have printed for Cheese Nibbles. They have several wonderful flavours available, each unique and utterly delicious.

The labels we have produced for them have a tapered shape, which allows for an application to the conical pots. The cut-out in the middle creates a point of interest for the potential customer, presenting some of the product inside. This a simple yet creative way to attract potential clients attention.

We have also supplied a label applicator for Cheese Nibbles – a video of the application process is available here.

The flexographic printing method helped us achieve the highest quality print and rich colours, along with low production costs. If you would like to know more about our printing methods and labelling applicators or desktop printers, give us a call on 01978 644544 or mail

Printed Bottle Labels for Dylan’s Restaurant

Printed, self-adhesive labels for sauce bottles for Dylan's Restaurant.

North Wales seacoast is a thing of beauty! If you happen to be travelling the Colwyn Bay area, you might want to visit the iconic Dylan’s restaurant in the town of Llandudno. You might have recently heard about it in the news, due to the mountain goats invasion of the town centre.

It so happens that we produce labels for their fantastic sauces.

They are produced on a semi-gloss paper with high-quality adhesive and printed with environmentally-friendly UV inks. Deep, rich colours and superior print quality is achieved thanks to the finest equipment and our first-class press operators. The labels contribute to the products range’s and therefore – the restaurant’s – prestige and status. The beautiful products on the shelves create a magnificent and eye-catching brand statement.

If you would like to know more about bottle labels and labelling, give us a call on 01978 644544 or email

Sandwich Labelling made easy

Beautifully printed, self-adhesive sandwich labels by Etiquette Labels

Etiquette Labels produces customisable, self-adhesive labels for numerous industries. One of our specialities is sandwich labelling. Over the years we have produced millions of sandwich labels in all sizes, shapes and colours. Depending on your requirements, we can produce the highest quality printed or plain labels with permanent or removable adhesive and over-printable varnish, allowing you to create informative, eye-catching packaging for your delicious food products.

We have the highest level of BRC accreditation, which guarantees an exceptional standard of hygiene, safety and quality

We also offer Sandwich Labelling Kit – aimed at entry-level production of sandwich labels and available at a low price making it an affordable and reliable investment. Labels sell products! Give your sandwich labels the professional touch and increase your sales whilst saving your business a great deal of time.

For any enquiries and questions, please contact us on 01978 644544 or email You can also visit our online shop.

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