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Etiquette works with some of the biggest brands throughout the UK and Europe. For over 20 years our reputation for quality combined with providing the right solutions that are tailored around customer’s needs, has earned us the title as the UK’s Experts in Labels and Labelling. With winter fast approaching we have been busy printing these iconic Bovril labels to help keep people warm this winter, as I’m sure a lot of us will be reaching for a warm mug of Bovril to help us cosy up on the sofa on those cold nights in the up coming months.



For many years now Etiquette has printed these prestigious and iconic labels, which have been exported worldwide for many years and is extremely popular in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and China where generations of people have grown up with the iconic British drink.

Bovril has been warming the heart and soul for over 140 years, since Way back in 1871; Napoleon ordered a million cans of beef for his hungry army. A Scottish, John Johnston, rose up to the challenge with his invention “Johnston’s Fluid Beef”. This was later renamed Bovril back in 1886, and so the beefy drink we know and love came to be.

Bovril was also used as a heart-warming companion, when on Christmas day 1902 the great polar explorer Ernest Shackleton and his team supped a hot cup, after a chilling four-hour march.

By 1909, it wasn’t just explorers and soldiers that took strength from Bovril – hundreds and thousands of football supporters up and down the country were sipping down steaming hot cups whilst cheering on their favourite teams from the terraces. In fact, by this time, Bovril was so popular that an electric advertising sign was erected in London’s Piccadilly Circus.



Today, Bovril is as popular as ever, providing three and a half million jars of strength every year in Britain alone. Bovril is one of the standout iconic British brands that has truly stood the test of time, and we at Etiquette are truly proud to produce these labels that are seen on shelves around the world. The strong label design reflects the bold flavour of Bovril, which of course is a firm favourite with our expert label printing team who produce the labels using three colours of the latest in UV ink technology. For more information on how Etiquette can produce stunning labels of the highest quality for your business you can contact our sales team direct on 0845 222 0354 or email us at

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