Wine Labels

The oldest ‘wine labels’ ever found were between 1386 and 1349 BC. Archeologists found wine jars from Pharaoh Amenhotep III which had inscriptions carrying the year of the wine, the vineyard and vintner’s name, together with the quality and quantity produced. Wine labels are nothing new but have played an important part in influencing the consumer for literally thousands of years.

Today people are buying wine because of the label. Recent studies show that 80% of consumers that pick up a bottle of wine from the shelf are likely to buy it, because of its label shelf appeal.

There are two elements of the wine labels that really influence the customer:

–    Quality

–    Design

For many producers, the label is their primary communications tool and as marketing and advertising budgets are cut, the wine labels become of prime importance. The quality of the label is an essential element when choosing a wine. Textured papers, tactile varnishes, embossing and foiling together with a clever design, give the label a quality feel. The more the label enhances a premium image, the better the perception will be.

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