We are the Exclusive Label Supplier to Utensa Bakeware


We are very proud to say that we provide Utensa with labels for their wide range of bakeware products all of which are manufactured in the UK. Due to the nature of their products Utensa require self-adhesive labels to serve multiple functions – it must market their range effectively and professionally in addition to providing usage and maintenance instructions to the customer. Because we use the latest industry technology to manufacture our labels and stickers, we are able to provide the perfect solution by using a special printing process that enables us to print on both the face and adhesive side of the label so when it is removed from the product the extra information is revealed to customers. The labels are also finished with an over-printable varnish which allows for variable information such as barcodes and to be printed by Utensa on demand. If you are unsure of what label would work best for your products, you can contact our friendly and helpful customer services team on 01978 664544 for free no-obligation advice or email us at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

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