Tigg’s Dressing Digitally Printed Labels


Nutritional information and general food packaging labels are the one of the most commonly requested products by our customers. With a wealth of knowledge and over two decades of experience, we’re able to produce, print and supply labels of the highest quality. For many years we have worked with UK supermarkets in addition to independent retailers across the country, providing them with quality labels for their products. One independent retailer we work closely with is Tigg’s a small company run by two brothers Jacob and Sam.

The brothers approached Etiquette to help produce labels that would help their artisan table dressings stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness. Our digital team produced these bright and vibrant labels with beautiful infographics and modern fonts to really help the products catch the customer’s eye. For more details on our label printing service contact Etiquette on 0845 222 0354 or you can email the Sales Team at: sales@etiquette.co.uk

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