Tactile Warning and Hazard Labels


As a leading supplier of labels in the UK we can help you meet the labelling standards for your products in your selected industry. Our hazard and warning labels are durable enough to survive abrasion, heat, cold temperatures, chemicals and exposure to solvents. Safety is a big part of the manufacturing process and durable labels that continue to perform in all environments can help to identify areas of caution. Legislation dictates that all substances readily available to the public identified, as toxic, very toxic, harmful, extremely flammable, or corrosive and any aerosol propelled by butane must have a Tactile Warning Label to alert the blind or partially sighted that they are handling a dangerous product. Etiquette’s tactile labels are made in accordance with European Standard BS EN ISO 11683:1997 and are supplied 2,500 on the reel, configured for hand or labelling machine application. For free, no-obligation advice regarding all aspects of tactile labelling and UK regulation, call 0845 222 0354 or email sales@etiquette.co.uk

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