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As today is #WorldEnvironmentDay we would like to talk about, what the labelling industry can do to help eliminate plastic waste. We have recently had a pleasure of producing labels using a RafBio PE White FTC – an eco-designed material, that provides the benefits of PE whilst offering a sustainable alternative to fossil-based films, all without sacrificing any application reliability when exposed to water, chemicals, oils and UV light. RafBio PE is the ideal choice for customers who are looking for a sustainable film face material that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions during its life cycle, compared to conventional PE, while still keeping products looking their very best. Made from sugarcane ethanol, the film contains more than 80% renewable plant-based raw material and is recyclable within the same recycling streams as fossil-based PE. You can read more about RafBio here. Why don’t you contact us to discuss how we can help – contact Etiquette on 01978 664544 or you can email the Sales Team at

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