Support your local and small businesses

Etiquette Labels produces printed, self-adhesive labels for small businesses, restaurants, cheese producers etc.

During these trying times small businesses will suffer a lot of damage. We can do our best to support them by buying their products directly from them via online shopping and delivery services. Please see what is available to buy and order online.

We have have check amongst our clients and here are a couple of ideas:

Cheeses and butters – available from Joseph Heler and Cheese Nibbles by Oak Apple Catering

Take away meals available from Dylan’s Restaurants

You can also order super healthy meals from KO Nutrition

If you would like to relax with a gin and tonic Deerness Distillery and York Gin can help with that

Sead Foods can provide you with healthy sesame butters

If you are based in Kent – here’s a couple of open Kent Hospitality food outlets

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