Self adhesive labels and label printing for Point Two Air Jackets

Etiquette supplies self adhesive labels for Point Two Air Jackets

Printed self adhesive labels on the presses today for an outstanding and revolutionary range of products from Point Two Air Jackets. Blazing a trail in the world of Equestrianism, Point Two Air Jackets are a new and improved way to provide protection for all horse riders regardless of their discipline or ability. A CO2 gas cartridge inflates the jacket within 0.1 of a second when a rider is unseated or thrown from a horse providing shock absorption and distributing pressure evenly to effectively support the spinal column and important areas of the body. At Etiquette we take pride in providing printed labels for products that are leading the way in their respective industries and in this instance have produced three different self adhesive labels for the air jacket range. Using the latest in UV ink technology our label printing experts print onto one of our custom materials with a permanent adhesive. Once the labels have been inspected and re-reeled to customer specification by our Quality Control department they are ready to be despatched and applied to the final product.

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