Sandwich Labelling Kit

As the UK in experts in labels and labelling we supply complete solutions to many businesses across a vast array of industries. One such complete solution we offer is the sandwich labelling kit. It is an easy to use, cost effective system that allows catering and food companies alike to adhere to the new food labelling legislations. The sandwich labelling kit comes complete with:

  • Etiquette TTP-245C Label Printer
  • Power Cable including Transformer
  • USB Cable
  • Two 65mm x 91mtr Black Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons
  • Two Thousand 60mm x 60mm 3-colour labels
  • LabelDirect® – Full Professional Label Design Software

Available from just £550.00 the sandwich labelling kit from Etiquette is the perfect solution for any small business. Printing labels yourself on demand allows you to cut out any wastage, so you just print your label requirements as and when you need them. This is also beneficial when you want to introduce new products and flavours without too much expenditure on labelling to evaluate customer demand.

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