Printed Labels for Tiramisu Jars

Printed Labels for TiramisUgo

We have recently produced some very cool labels for one of our very cool customers – The Cornish Italian! Born in Italy and made in Cornwall, the TiramisUgo range of delicious pots of Tiramisu are created using a traditional Italian recipe and given a modern twist by the Cornish Italian himself, Ugo Massabo.

It all started back in 2018 when Ugo began hand-making Tiramisu using his late father Piero’s recipe that was then potted into environmentally friendly glass jars and distributed to farm shops and deli’s etc along the Cornish coast. Word of this mouth-watering delicacy soon spread and in 2020 TiramisUgo scooped up a Gold Taste of the West award alongside a healthy dose of well deserved exposure in the local press. Fast forward to 2023 and The Cornish Italian is going from strength to strength and recently announced the addition of a food truck project named “The Cornish Italian Trattoria On Wheels”. With a humble and classy approach, Ugo and the team are now able to offer a diverse selection of healthy, convenient Italian food to the folk of Cornwall that delivers a refreshing alternative to the usual food truck offerings.

With regards to the labels, they’re pretty special if we do say so ourselves! Printed on our cutting-edge flexographic presses, the labels feature a unique cutter design that essentially finishes them in a top and bottom configuration with a “cut out” section in the middle. This means that, when they are applied to the jar, prospective customers can not only be attracted to The Cornish Italians contemporary artisanal branding, but will also get a good look at the tempting tiramisu within! Its a very effective package and coupled with our special synthetic materials that cater for the hardships of cold-storage and transport, its a winning solution for an award-winning customer!

We love working with Ugo and the team and in the past have even had the pleasure of welcoming them to Etiquette, where we had the opportunity to ask Ugo a few questions for our World of Labels video series. Check it out below!

If, like The Cornish Italian, you would like to see your labels on our presses, all you need to do is give us a call on 01978 664544 or email and we would be delighted to help!

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