Printed labels for Park Hall Pig Racing

Printed labels for Park Hall Pig Racing

Fresh off the press these eye-popping printed labels for Park Hall Pig Racing.  Located near Oswestry, Shropshire, Park Hill Countryside Experience offers a variety of experiences from farm to museums and various seasonal events there’s something there for every age.  The above blue printed labels are given to spectators alongside other colours, each colour represents a pig competing in the Park Hall Pig Race.  After choosing your colour you are to wear it proudly whilst cheering on one of the five pigs, Pinky, Perky, Porky, Salt and Greedy whilst they compete for tasty pig nuts.  The colours are eye-catching and in keeping with their fun and relaxing atmosphere.

For more information about our printed labels service, please contact our sales team on 0845 222 0354.

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