Printed Labels for Cox and Rawle fishing hooks

Label printing from Etiquette Labels

Coming off the press today are these great looking printed labels for Cox and Rawle fishing hooks ( As innovators and technology leaders in the design and production of quality fishing hooks and rigs, Cox and Rawle looked to Etiquette to provide the label manufacture that would add the finishing touches to their outstanding products. Our label printing team produced 2 labels of different sizes on a special card material using 3 colours in the latest UV inks technology. As well as attractive and contemporary artwork, the labels feature a perforation across their centre that allows them to be folded in half as part of the final packaging process in which the hooks are inserted into clear bags. With the customer requiring the printing of variable information onto both folded sides of the label, our printers produced a registration mark to the rear that would enable accurate label-gap sensing when used with an Etiquette TTP-245C thermal transfer printer. Additionally, the customer has also tasked Etiquette with printing a Quick Response (QR) Code onto the label that can be scanned with a smart phone by an end user and will direct them to the Cox and Rawle website where further product information can be obtained.

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