Printed food labels for Knorr sauces

Printed Food Labels for Knorr

On our presses today are these stunning printed food labels for the Knorr Professional range of cooking sauces.

Founded in 1838, Knorr has spent over 180 years perfecting delicious products that fuse the best ingredients that transform a simple meal into something special. Their extensive range of soups, sauces and bouillons, coupled with a genuine passion for joy-filled food, means Knorr has sat proudly at the side of culinary professionals all across the world.

Knorr food labels from Etiquette

Printed using 6 colours in the latest UV inks, these labels also feature an overprintable varnish that simply allows the end user jot down the “Date Opened” information on the label. It might not seem much, but in the world of professional catering, where safety, health and hygiene are of the highest importance, its these little features that make all the difference. Take it from us, the local health inspector will thank you for it!

We are proud to manufacture labels for such a prestigious and much-loved brand like Knorr and take our responsibility of adding the finishes touches to their packaging very seriously. That’s why we’re the best in the industry!

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