Orsom Cheese Labels

Printed Digital Labels For Orsom Cheese Packaging

We have once again had the pleasure of printing these great and modern looking self-adhesive labels for Joseph Helers Orsom Cheese range.

ORSOM provide a range of premium products, that are handcrafted by skilled cheesemakers in-house at their dairy in Nantwich, Cheshire.

They collect milk daily from their own farm and also from other specially selected farms near our dairy in the Cheshire countryside.

They are very particular about the well-being of their cows. “They give us the milk that is the start point for an Orsom piece of cheese. We play them music, manicure their hooves – they even get back-scratchers to use.

They have a beautiful collection of handcrafted cheeses, that are manufactured to perfection! Ranging from vintage cheddars to soft and creamy Bree, every cheese lover will be delighted with such a magnificent selection:


Handmade extra mature Cheddar naturally smoked over cherry wood shavings for over 14 hours. Not all cheeses are naturally smoked – ours is and you can see & taste the difference.


Classic extra mature Cheddar done the Orsom way – smooth, creamy and incredibly moreish.

Winston is where it starts – a top-quality, handmade cheddar. Coated in black wax to protect the cheese – if there was one cheese that represents Britain, it would be the ORSOM Winston!

Hot Phoenix

Hot Phoenix is a blend of our mature and smoked Cheddar cheese with red jalapeno chillies – giving a long-lasting chilli hit with every bite. This is a cheese that delivers real flavour eaten as a snack, but really takes off when melted too – try it on nachos, fajitas, burgers, wedges and even pizza!

The Guru

The Guru is our blend of Red Leicester cheese with sweet, aromatic mango chutney.  Stunningly sweet with a touch of Indian spice.


ORSOM Blue is a blue cheese with a difference. This mellow and smooth cheese delivers a long-lasting rich and buttery flavour that other blue cheeses can only dream of.


A sweet, nutty Vintage Red Leicester Show Stopper!


Welcome to next-level Orsom, and say hello to Hunter – A truly irresistible blend of our sweet, moreish mature Cheddar with exquisite black truffles & cracked black pepper.

The Labels

Cheese Labels - printed digital self-adhesive labels by Etiquette Labels

We are making sure the packaging is prepared with as much attention to detail as the cheese itself. The labels are printed digitally, to allow more flexibility – no printing plates mean less fuss when any artwork changes happen. With CMYK printing there are no limitations in terms of the number of colours used, so you can explore your creative possibilities.

Our facility is BRC accredited, which gives customers extra peace of mind when it comes to food safety and hygiene.

We specialise in manufacturing plain and printed labels, but we can also deliver a one-of-a-kind complete labelling solution, looking after all of your labelling needs – from design the label to the application process.

To find out more about our complete labelling solutions visit our websiteyoutube channel, give us a call on 01978 664544 or you can email us at sales@etiquette.co.uk.

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